Royal coochie spill

40,000.00 24,000.00


About : The royal coochie spill is an extremely effect!ve and unique drink

✅it helps boost the libido of makes affection and attention strong while making your COOCHIE extremely Slimmy and extremely slippery wet

✅this extreme wetness can be felt with or without the use of c0nd0m

✅it enhances sexual pleasure

✅makes you horny and super w€t giving you that extreme w€t coochie

✅it helps flush down dirt in the system

✅Helps you squirt

✅it takes your libido from 0-100

✅ prevention of high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level, ease digestion, improves the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma. It assists in improving bowel movement.


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