Presidential coochie upgrade

150,000.00 90,000.00


About: The effectiveness of this product is breathtaking,it’s advisable to be used by married couples,if you as a single girl have to use this please be sure of the man your using it for,because it would make your partner addicted and extremely attached to you

✅it also tightens and cleanse the vjay

✅contains concentrated bonding herbs,sexual wellness,pleasure for benefit of you and your partner

✅makes your vjay extremely wet and Slimmy in just seconds with a vibrating sensation,your partner will go crazy due to the extreme slippery wetness achieved with this

✅Make your man addicted,get ready to be spoilt like a queen that you are

✅will make your man attached,addicted,loved up and most importantly money money and money will fall on you.

✅Intense sweetness and wetness is guaranteed


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