What’s a complete glow kit to you? Do you have one? If no, are you ready for a glow up? If you are, then sit tight because this blog post is for you.

A complete glow kit contains all that’ll give you the desired skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Read on to find out what should be inside a complete glow kit.

4 things in a complete glow kit

Whitening Black Soap.

Black Soaps are one of the most recommended herbal soap by skin dermatologist and the Persian Whitening Black Soap is a must-have!

The Whitening Herbal Soap is a luxury skin lightening product made with tumeric, aloe cera, shea butter, lemon and other active special ingredients.

This product helps treat skin problems like spots, redness, blemishes, acne and a lot more!

Lightening Body Wash

Do you want a fairer skin? Do you love body washes more than soaps?

Then the Persian lightening body wash is meant for you.

It is used the same way you would use any other body wash. This body wash works to produce the same lighter skin tone all over your body.

Stretch mark remover

Stretch marks can become a problem to most ladies, especially when these stretch marks form on visible parts of the body.
While some stretch marks become itchy with time.

In order to get rid of these unwanted skin problems, stretch mark removers are used. They help to reduce the itch and make these stretch marks less noticeable.

Face repair and maintenance kit

The face repair maintenance kit works well to clear pimples, dark spots and scars on the face.

The above listed are all available for purchase. We deliver nationwide. Place an order today.